Ian Cameron is a shipping professional with four decades’ experience in P&I, ship operations, chartering, the legal environment and deep-sea and coastal seafaring.

Through Tempus, Ian supports the shipping and marine insurance industries in the provision of low obligation, highly flexible and value-for-money claims management services. From single-issue enquiries to in-house placement, from one-off claims advice and analysis to project-related support, Ian’s years of unparalleled experience in both commercial and mutual P&I insurance as well as the wider shipping industry combines a unique and intelligent insight with truly bespoke servicing.


Tempus will:

  • Complement any existing claims department or related undertaking with short- to medium-term in-house support, anywhere needed and fully compliant with both your own company standards and procedures as well as those expected of an industry-leading service provider;
  • Act swiftly and effectively in responding to and managing any claim loss damage or risk whenever and wherever arising, from initial advice through to authorised settlement and subrogation and recovery opportunities;
  • Attend at any place for any purpose to represent and protect your interests, relieving the management burden arising in respect of any claim or loss or for any other reason connected with your business’ needs;
  • Provide astute and highly effective investigation, insight, advice, support, follow-up and reporting duties both directly and via qualified, proven network associates built up over many years of effective claims management;
  • Liaise and consult with you directly in any respect where risk, claims or disputes arise in a shipping and insurance context or in the avoidance of risk, claims and disputes whether contractual, in tort or as a statutory liability.


All services are ultimately flexible, bespoke and global, designed quite simply to fit your business – be that as operator or insurer, claimant or defendant, public or private body and whether incident-specific or as an element of your wider management needs.


  • Tempus recognises that your reputation and commercial relationships matter
  • Tempus guarantees confidentiality
  • Tempus strives to be flexible, low-obligation and transparent
  • Tempus Claims Management operates as a VAT-registered, limited liability company with Terms of Business either as standard or as agreed
  • Tempus will work to your expectations and standards and with full understanding of your procedural and compliance issues as appropriate

Please feel free to make contact for any reason, be it short or longer-term solutions, claims consultancy and related enquiries, incident response, etc:

Tempus Claims Management

146 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, UK CM2 0AW

M: +44 (0)7770 689 838    E: